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Witches Exercise Game 2.jpg

The Witches of Brooklyn, Exercise Game!

Basically a Mother Goose game to get the all family moving! The only thing you need is a dice and some comfy clothes.

Valentine's card.jpg

Valentine's Day Cards, ❤️

Here are some fun cards to wish all your friends a Happy Valentine's day. 

Let's celebrate kindness, love, and friendship!

Paper doll - Effie.

I spent so many hours of my childhood making paper dolls. Either for myself or my sister and cousins. We could spend days on end absorbed  in the making of tiny characters and their outfits.

I hope you'll like it. 


Coloring Page.

Ready to have some coloring fun?!

Did you know that coloring can be seen as a meditative exercise? It relaxes the brain, folks!

Coloring is also great to improve motor skills and vision, as well as to improve focus. 

Let's color!!

(I'll add more pages to color when I can).



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