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What the Hex?!

Here is the magic link:

Effie returns in this spellbinding sequel: a middle-grade graphic novel about found family, friendship, and learning to embrace who you are! Could there be even MORE witches in Brooklyn?!
Effie is EXCITED to meet so many witches, but what is going on with her friends? Suddenly Effie is no longer the newest kid in school, and it seems like her friends are happy to grow their little group, but Effie isn't so sure. On top of that, learning magic is HARD WORK!
Effie just wants to have fun being a witch, but her life in Brooklyn is about to get weird(er).
The bewitching second book in the Witches of Brooklyn series captures what it means to be a friend, and how growing up can be a little less scary if you throw some magic in the mix.

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A humorous, magical romp about a modern-day apprentice witch who is struggling to be a good friend. […] Stellar comedic timing and whimsy galore combine in this magical friendship story.

- Kirkus Review

"It is such a joy to see a second book being released in this series, as I thoroughly enjoyed the debut of Witches of Brooklyn. […] This book is filled with excitement, adventure, magic and more!  - Vixen Ninetails, ComicBuzz.

"This is a delightful little story that flows well. For the adult reader, it is easy and will take no time to read. Yet, the ages 8 to 13 will be the perfect group to savor every piece. This story is a familiar one about friends and envy, but with the addition of fun, kooky aunts, their equally fun, kooky friends, an oddball pet, lots of cold and a couple of unusual statues, we have a fresh story."

- BlackRaven, Cannonballread.

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